My Rod in Gambit!

It\’s amazing! It hasn\’t been long at all since the triumphant return of the Gambit, and already it\’s sweeping through the interwebs! To wit: I received an unsolicited fan email (I love all my fans!) from one Mabel Shields, via the MCI Hispeed network, and if I\’m not mistaken, from Marietta, GA.

(No, I don\’t know why I decided to turn into Skip Caray there. Leave me alone.)

In any case, the subject line on the fan email?

\”My rod in gambit\”.

Well hells yes. The Gambit is back, and the fans are adoring. Let\’s dive in to what Ms Shields has to say:

Tired of being overweight? We can help!!

Well actually I\’ve been slimming down quite a bit. I don\’t think I\’d call myself overweight but ok, I\’ll hear you out. Please, continue.

Lean and mean is in.

Everyday people die from being overweight!

It is your chance, alex!

Hmm. Well technically I think people die from causes related to being overweight, not specifically from their weight. And are you talking about people who are dying every day, or exclusively normal, everyday people who just happen to be dying from being overweight? I\’m confused. Oh, I see you have a testimonail. Let \’er rip.


\”WOW! My wife and I been on roller coater diets for years and years. It has been a
frustrating ride I have to admit. Your product helped us to lose 64 lbs between us
in 2 months. That was 6 months ago and the weight is still off! Thank you, thank
you, thank you….did we say Thank you!!\”
Caitlin L. Sanchez

Well shit. Caitlin Sanchez?! Why didn\’t you say so? This seals the deal. But in the future I\’d appreciate a more detailed breakdown of the weight loss. What if your lard husband lost 60 pounds and you only lost 4? I\’m concerned about these numbers.

Get it here right now.

You know what the best part about this SPAM message is? There\’s absolutely nothing malicious in it. No links for me to click on, no malicious images, no Windows executeable attatchment, nothing. Kinda makes me wonder what the point was.

Oh wait, I know, the triumphant return of the Gambit! That\’s right! Eat it! 🙂







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    you gotta love a good testimonail.

    and isn’t a caitlin sanchez when you’re having sex with a girl and… no, i think that’s something else. nevermind.

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