Wait, I just thought of somthing.

I was all set to write a fairly lengthy diatribe about how ESPN/ABC\’s use of The Rose Bowl Game was hurting my brain with its redundancy, when it occurred to me:

I wrote about this last year, which means that it\’s even more inexcusable that this travesty has continued for another year. Listen to me closely: all college football bowls are games. And what\’s worse, is that none of the other games have \’game\’ appended to their names. Not the Independence Bowl, not the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, not the Sugar Bowl, not even the Dr. Jerry Punch Bowl. Why must you make such a mockery of the grand daddy? I can\’t believe Keith Jackson hasn\’t started a protest over this.

So stop it. Just stop. We don\’t want anyone to get hurt here, especially me. Because I may have a hernia if I see another commercial for this thing.







4 responses to “Wait, I just thought of somthing.”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    do you get equally crabby about buckeye alums saying *the* ohio state university? i mean, the “the” is understood, and saying it out loud only underscores the fact that you went to a crappy, booze-fueled, academically shoddy school.

  2. alex Avatar

    Actually… I don’t agree that the “the” is understood. Take a look at both osu.edu and msu.edu and you’ll see what I mean. I think the way they say it with such emphasis on the word is a bit ridiculous, though. However, if the word is in your logo, I feel you’re entitled to say it.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    so it’s part of their name / logo– fine. it’s still poor use of language.

  4. wadE Avatar

    What about Metrodome then? I’m all in favor of calling it “Metrodome” instead of “The Metrodome”… much in the same way that it wasn’t “The Skydome” (stupid Rogers Centre bullshit)…
    but as far as “the game”… it does seem silly, some might argue that there is a Rose Bowl Parade, so calling it the “game” is a differentiator from the “parade”. But that isn’t accurate because it is the Tournament of Roses Parade. So the short answer is: yes, it’s ricoculous.

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