No Alarms (and No Surprises)

I moved into the new Alex Living Facility (or ALF) in mid-March. I have yet to set an alarm clock. That\’s six months of bliss, if you ask me. It\’s amazing how much more relaxed my mornings are now that they don\’t begin with a Screech of Death, followed by some mini-panic. Followed by the snooze button. Repeatedly.

Of course, the enabler in this whole scheme is Greta. She wakes me up around six-ish every morning with her list of demands, which she delivers by sitting on my chest and purring until I accede. Really, it\’s only one demand. \”Feed me!\”, she seems to say. And during the week, that works out just fine. I need to be at work at 7:30, so waking up at six allows me to come alive naturally, stretch out a bit, maybe do some situps, and prepare for the day without rushing. This is in contrast to hitting snooze to grab those last moments of sleep, and then having to rush. I don\’t really like to rush.

The weekends have been a bit trickier, but I\’ve trained my body to be able to stumble into the kitchen for a scoop of cat food, and then back to bed without waking up to any noticeable degree. So I\’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

The bottom line is that I\’ve eliminated one more stressor from my life, and it\’s hard to complain about that. If you\’ve got the opportunity to try and live without an alarm yourself, I\’d urge you to consider it.






3 responses to “No Alarms (and No Surprises)”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    i set an alarm for 5:40 each morning, under the assumption that i will jump out of bed and run downstairs and hit the treadmill for a half hour or so. that part rarely happens. however, i never re-set the alarm because my daughter wakes up around 6:00 each morning to watch the wiggles. they’re four creepy guys from australia who sing and dance and entertain my daughter to no end.

    pre-kids, though, my dog functioned the same way that greta does. although, whenever i was out of town she never seemed to bother sara. criminy.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar
    Brian Scott

    Like Wade, my children are my alarm clock. They are consistently up at 7am. They don’t watch the Wiggles in the morning though. Maybe they will now – I need more creepy Australians in my life. Criminy.

  3. alex Avatar

    Crikey! Yeah Wade, I’ve found that working out in the morning doesn’t go so well for me, either. It’s that whole getting going right away thing. Situps are good for mornings, since they involve lying on the floor and not really all that much movement.

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