Remember when…

Remember when we had a President who could string together three words without following it with an eight second pause?

I think you all should watch this. (Sorry about the sound quality.) I don\’t bring this up to be partisan – the Democrats certainly have their own faults. I\’ll admit, I never considered Mr. Clinton the smartest guy in the world when he was in office, but it\’s funny what six years of perspective can do. And I think he has a point – why hasn\’t the current administration done more to catch Bin Laden? If they\’re going to conduct a smear campaign against Clinton (one that contradicts documented statements that, while in office, they considered him obsessed with Bin Laden), why aren\’t the questions being asked of them? Why haven\’t we caught Bin Laden, if it\’s such a big deal?

Ahh, I could go nuts talking about this stuff. The video is worth watching if only to remind us that we once had a President who didn\’t pout like a three-year-old about to tantrum. Someday, I hope, we\’ll have another.







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    wow. good for bubba. and i’m *sure* matthews would ask the exact same question to dubya or condi.

  2. wadE Avatar

    Look out… Condi fights back!!!

  3. alex Avatar

    This seems like a good spot for some incestuous cross-posting:

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