Continued Linkings

Sorry for the continued lack of original material on my part, but this is all I\’ve got time for these days. To the links!

This is a story showing just what kind of dangerous people we\’ve got showing up at airports these days.

This is a lengthy treatise on just how unlikely the liquid bombing plot is, and what other restrictions seem prudent in the face of these new threats.

Fun times.

And just because you\’ve been such good people for enduring the bad news, there\’s a fun video after the jump.

Here ya go. Not surprisingly, props to Deadspin for the find. Oh, I suppose this would be slightly NSFW, but nothing too bad.







4 responses to “Continued Linkings”

  1. monkey Avatar

    In the words of Yakov Smirnoff, “what a country!”

  2. anderswa Avatar

    the whole airport screening thing is intimidating. knowing that one wrong sneeze can cause you to be publicly harrassed/searched makes me afraid to blink when going through security. and that really doesn’t seem right.

    glad i watched the leary/”youkilis is a fine looking jew” clip yesterday– looks like it’s gone now.

  3. wadE Avatar

    I think Ze Frank said it best when he talked about Fear being used to destabalize a society. Not the first guy to mention it, but he relates it quite well so anyone could get it.

  4. alex Avatar

    Yeah, I think the MLB express written consent lawyers went after that clip. Oh well.

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