A Blog Within A Blog

Although wadE hates blogs, so if I were nicer I wouldn\’t call our site a blog. But I\’m not, so he can live with it.

Anyways… just a little shameless self-promotion from yours truly. You\’re welcome. I have started up a little mini-offshoot from the SP tree. It is located here. Unlike this here main version of SP (which we really are intending to make less blog-ish, going forward), my own section will be unabashedly bloggy, and it will contain items that I will deem either too trivial, stupid, or personal to have published here instead. It will also be where I revive such fun ideas as The Card Project, and I\’ll also keep a blogroll of \’cool kids\’ – links to other sites where you can further waste time here in the vast tubes of the internets.

So come play along if you wish. End PSA.






4 responses to “A Blog Within A Blog”

  1. monkey Avatar

    “Going forward”? Tell me, are you planning on making any aspects of this site more “synergistic” too? Should we expect a “mission statement” and lots of power-point presentations “going forward”?


  2. alex Avatar

    I did post a ‘manifesto’ on the alex blog. How’s that? You as well as anyone should know that I throw around words without really thinking about it. So if those other two jackholes and their corporate-speak influenced me, well I’m sorry. 🙂

  3. anderswa Avatar

    I’m delighted to see that you have leveraged the simpleprop infrastructure for your blog. At the end of the day, this can only be viewed as a win-win for the organization. And, looking at the big picture, your blog has the holistic approach that’s both turn-key and extensible; a great strategic fit. But we can touch base on that offline.

  4. alex Avatar

    Wade made my brain hurt. Somebody please make him stop.

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