X-Files X-plained

- wadE

Since the X-Files premiered in 1993, I was hooked. I have always loved science fiction and their blend of science and the paranormal was fascinating.

Obviously I wasn't the only one, the X-files quickly moved from cult phenomenon to mainstream success, and created its own universe.

However, after college I didn't catch the show as often as I used to, and it became impossible to catch up with the increased focus on the alien plot with the "black oil" that was infecting everyone.

As the show evolved over the years it had many challenges that in my opinion caused the show to fall apart. The main problem was the classic "too many cooks spoil the broth". According to IMDB.com the X-files has 46 different writers credited over its 9 seasons. As the series moved forward and focused on the alien plot it became vital to have a cohesive story but with so many people writing the "mythology" became disorganized and seemed to contradict itself at times. As one person wrote on jumptheshark.com:
"Possibly one of the most frustrating series to be a fan of. Two or three times each season, Mulder and Scully come this close to cracking open the vast government/UFO conspiracy at the center of the show, and then the next week they've forgotten all about it and are investigating a swamp monster in Bumfuck, Arkansas."

Another difficulty was the actors themselves. Gillian Anderson, who was pregnant during the first season, became pregnant again. By this time she was a sexy star and they couldn't just let her get fat and only show her from the mid-section up as they did early in the series; so the writers were forced to incorporate that. David Duchovny decided that he was too good for TV and started to dabble in movies which took time away from the show and the writers had to find ways to explain his extended absences.

With the intermittent absences of both of the stars in the later years they were forced to add in Robert Patrick (you know him best as the T-1000 from Terminator 2), and Annabeth Gish. The strength of the show was in the tension between Mulder and Scully; adding two new people into the mix was not going to help. The following season was the last and everyone who stayed with the show long enough were completely disappointed that their favorite show was gone, and that is left everyone confused and scratching their heads.

Thanks to the internet, I've found someone who has gone through all of the trouble to put together all of the disjointed sources of X-files lore (the show, the movie, and even the video game) into a "Mythology" of the X-files.

Even so, this Mythology is still difficult to follow. So read it, re-read it, and read it yet again.

If you've ever watched the show, this site will give you some closure...until The X-files: Resist or Serve video game comes out this year and changes the story yet again...and I'm sure there is yet another movie in the works...anything for a buck!

- 07/14/2003

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