Now I Know...

- wadE

Now I know how conservatives felt in '92 and '96. How can we not win? This Clinton idiot is a liar, cheater, dirty old man who has been linked to shady land deals, and some not so pretty women. Who in their right mind would vote for this guy!!!

I'm thinking to myself, how can anyone possibly be backing GW Bush this year? He's gotten is neck-deep in Iraq all based on a false premise. Everyone who has left his administration has had nothing but negative and sometimes shocking things to say about how the White House operates these days. Gas prices are at an all time high. I feel less safe now than I did in the months after 9/11. The rest of the world hates us... well, more than they usually do. But yet, today his polling numbers went up.

Of course this is against John Kerry, who has the charisma (and stature) of Lurch from the Addams Family. However, several weeks ago before many of the negative views of the White House were public (Clarke and the new Bob Woodward book), the poll numbers were reversed. So how does all this negative stuff come out, and Bush still pulls ahead?

Because the Bush machine has spend $50 million in the past 5 weeks. Meanwhile, what have you heard about Kerry? Last thing I remember reading was that after winning the nomination he took a vacation and called a secret service agent a "son of a bitch" for running into him on the slopes.

Besides money, the other thing Bush has going for him is the war. Most people, regardless of their view on the war, don't like the idea of changing leadership during a war. Which is why I'll be shocked if the US really tries to get out of Iraq before November.

One other key factor will be Nader. In the polls Nader is pulling in 6%. This is above the 5% needed for his party to get federal funding. So expect Nader to run again. It's what is more important to them. Is it more important to get the republicans out of office, or is it more important for their party to continue to get funding and try to become a viable third party? Of course they are going to chose self-preservation over all else, we really can't expect them to do anything else.

A couple other things that may affect the race. Rumor has it Cheney won't be the running mate for this next term. Shocking, but I don't see that impacting much of anything. The other is that I seriously doubt Colin Powell will continue on as Secretary Of State. If there was a reason I could even consider voting for Bush, Colin Powell was it. This could cause a little ripple, but nothing as drastic as Nader.

All in all, I am sad to report that at this point, it looks like we'll have four more years of tax cuts for the rich, jobless recoveries, record budget deficits, and the rest of the world fearing US imperialism.

Oh, and did I mention the first $2.00/gallon average price for gas?

- 04/20/2004

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