Week 13: Vikings @ Detroit

- wadE

Pretty lackluster performance in my opinion. This is a game I didn't want to get interesting, but did.

But who would have thought a year or two ago that our defense would be the ones stepping up to seal victories for this team.

Unfortunately I missed a few key pieces of this game because the Cincinatti/Pittsburgh game was far more interesting to watch.

But I digress. The Vikings winning streak has been great fun to watch, but out of those 5 victories, four of them came from Green Bay, Detroit (two), and Cleveland; who have a combined record of 10-26. Yes, they beat the Giants, who are a good football team. But it was easily the most bizarre game in Vikings history, plus the complete collapse by Eli Manning (thank you very much by the way).

None of that matters though. A winning streak is a winning streak, and it's come at the perfect time and has built confidence in this team, which is just as important as anything else when it comes to winning football games.

At any rate, the Vikings are still in the same position as last week. Need to keep winning, and need Chicago to start losing. I don't think anybody saw the Bears winning 8 in a row even with Grossman at QB this year, let alone Kyle Orton. Only in Chicago can they have an 8 game winning streak, and a quarterback controversy.

With the victory, the Vikings moved to 7-5, and are very much in the playoff hunt (as strange as that may sound). Let's hope the Bears lose to Pittsburgh and Green Bay, and the Vikings take care of business.

In closing, here are a couple interesting football related links...since I've got nothing more to say.



Skol Vikings!

- 12/08/2005

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