Week 8: Vikings @ Carolina

- wadE

A few weeks ago, I said this:

There are 5 relatively easy wins left on the schedule for the rest of the year. They should beat Chicago and Detroit twice, and win at home against Green Bay. They will definitely lose at Green Bay, lose to Pittsburgh at home, and lose at Carolina. The deciding games will be at the Giants and at Baltimore. If they can win those games, that puts them at 8-8, and a divison win isn't out of the question.

Well, we didn't beat Chicago, so that meant we'd have to beat Green Bay twice, which actually looks doable. I expected us to lose to Carolina, but to lose Daunte in the process... well, it's a mixed blessing.

The toughest part is the extent of the injury, an injury to the PCL (the less known of the "CLs") is the worst part, to the point where if the damage is bad enough, this could be career-ending. The only bit of good news is that we will definitely see some house cleaning at the end of this season which is long over due. So start gearing up for that drive to the Super Bowl in 2009!!!

It'll be hard to write about the Vikings for the rest of the year, but I'm committed to give the play-by-play of the continual car crash that is the 2005 Minnesota Vikings!

With that being said, let's look at next week. The Vikings host Detroit at home. This game couldn't come at a better time. It "should" be a confidence building game, and while I have no delusions of winning the division with out Daunte, I would be nice to have a team that can at least win at home.

Some additional good news for this Sunday are the rumors that Joey (call me Joe) Harrington will be starting, which maybe will give our secondary some much needed confidence.

Which leads me to my last item for today. Fred Smoot. Has there ever been a worse day on the field for a cornerback ever? He made Dewayne Washington look good (when Dewayne was with the Vikes). Just awful. Steve Smith is a good WR, but he looked like a Hall of Famer out there with Smoot covering (er, not-covering) him. I think it's safe to say that Smoot as been a huge bust for the Vikings. I also like the subtle jabbing that Antoine Winfield made when he said he didn't know why he wasn't given the task of covering Smith. That's never a good sign. The only thing keeping this team from a total collapse is the individual talent. Imagine if we had competent coaches, a healthy Daunte and Randy Moss... ah... but you can't live in the past.

So, the revised record for the 2006 Vikings? 6-10, second place to the Bears.

Skol Vikings...

- 11/04/2005

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