Week 6: Vikings @ Da' Bears

- wadE

We all have heard about what happened during the Vikings Bye week in Week 5. No matter your feelings on what "allegedly" happened on that boat, there is no denying that the Vikings have become the laughing stock of the NFL. Move over Cincinatti Bungles!!!

I think Matt Birk has summed it up best when he said: "I think that we put the 'fun' in dysfunctional."

There are no answers after losing to the Bears 28-3. This is just a bad football team. It is the culmination of many factors, most prominent being the complete lack of funding by a old used car salesman from Texas.

Not only have the Vikings passed their window of opportunity, the next one is no where to be found.

Sadly enough, my statement from last week is still valid:
Sadly, this is a team that could still make the playoffs. Has a team ever won a division with a losing record? This could be the year. Even with the Packers 0-4 start, I think they should be favored over the Vikings to win this division.

However, it is finally the end of the line for the Vikings. They will now need to beat the Packers twice, and/or get lucky and beat Carolina. But with how poorly the rest of the division is playing, a 7-9 record just might win this division.

At this point, I think I'm rooting for a complete collapse, because as long as there is hope, no meaningful changes will happen within the coaching ranks, as well as with the players.

Even worse, if the Vikings do somehow stumble into the playoffs, can you imagine the utter spaking they would get (at home!) from a wild-card team?

Yes, the Vikings have truly taken over the crown held by the Bengals for 15 years, who else could manage to lose during a bye week? :-\

- 10/18/2005

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