Segregation Is Back

- wadE

I just read a very interesting article about Minnesota charter schools and minority parent–s choice to put their children into schools that separate students based on race.

At first I read past the stuff about schools and focused on how people are choosing to raise their children. I wish my grandparents were alive because I would be interested to hear how this compares to the early 1900's when parents fresh off the boat from Europe would want their American children to know where they came from, or to dress in traditional clothing, or speak their parents native language.

Obviously a lot has changed in 100 years, but how many of these kids in cultural specific charter schools will do the same with their own kids? How much longer before, like our own ancestors, they will become Americanized and lose their parent's focus on homeland culture due to growing up in America and/or diluting their heritage by marriage.

Doesn't this seem like it could be the same old stories being played out?

Another side of this is how does this coexist with Brown v. Board of Education, and how comfortable are people knowing their tax dollars are supporting schools that are specifically tailored to a heritage.

I, for one, am not too comfortable with that. I think the education system in general should focus on more multicultural studies, to reflect the diversity we have in the city/state/region/country. But if Hispanic, or Black, or Hmong, or Norwegian families want their children to learn more about "where they came from", it shouldn't be up to schools funded by tax dollars to do it, it should be the parents themselves.

But then again, that would require parents to actually take a hand in the raising of their own child, which seems to be too much to ask of people these days.

- 05/10/2004

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