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Taking a page out of the Sports Guy's's time to start a format that I think you'll be seeing a lot of.... The Ramblings!

After a nice long vacation it's so hard to get back on the horse...the horse being writing for a certain website.

I've never been to Vegas (although I get to fly right over it twice a week, and it looks awfully small from the air) but Orlando has to be the G-rated version of Vegas. There is so much to do...and I'm talking beyond the theme parks. Both Disney and Universal have nice spots that are free to go to with restaurants, clubs, and shopping. Of course much of it is themed shopping, but it's still pretty cool.

Celebrating New Year's Eve every single night on Pleasure Island must be complete torture to the people who work there.

DisneyQuest might be the coolest thing ever...even more cool than and ESPNZone. (Stay tuned for future article dedicated to this single topic)

Helicopters are very fun to ride in...especially when your brother goads the pilot into buzzing a couple of people in a canoe on a lake. Just priceless.

Does anyone actually pay full price for a hotel room? If you look on the back of the door of the next hotel you are in (sometimes it's located other places), there is a placard with fire exit info and the maximum amount of money your particular room can be charged out at. The room we stayed in...$650...nice room, but $650? Who are the suckers paying that much?

While I was gone, some idiot (from the home state) sold a piece of chewed gum to an even bigger idiot for 10K. First off, props to the first idiot for coming up with the "charity" story to cover up his little scam and avoid getting arrested. Secondly...Luis Gonzalez? What? People are willing to pay 10K for a used piece of Luis Gonzalez' gum? We aren't talking Bonds, Griffey, Jeter, Nomar, or even Randy Johnson here...Luis-freakin'-Gonzalez. Yes, he did have a world-series winning hit, but so did Gene Larkin...and I don't think his used gum is going to fetch anything over a buck.

$10,'ve got to be kidding me!

Has anyone been watching "The Bachelor"? Does anyone else wanna just punch that prick who is "The Bachelor". He is such a smug little arrogant SOB. And who are these women who are desparate enough to use ABC as a matchmaking service? Their matchmaking track-record is awful. The last match they made was Maddie and David on Moonlighting...and once they got together, it just wasn't the same show was it?

So how about that NFL draft? Did you have a lot of people over to watch...make a lot of food...what? You mean you didn't throw a draft party. According to TV and the NFL we're supposed to be rived by this 2-day 17 hour event!

I promise I'll do better next time...promise!

- 04/22/2002

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