The Winter OlympiX

- wadE

When did the Winter Olympics become the Winter X Games?

The good 'ol US of A scored their first gold medal yesterday of the Winter Games, with a 1st place finish in the Women's snowboarding halfpipe... yes, that's right... halfpipe.

How much money did the USOC give the IOC to make these "Extreme Sports" part of the games? Since we suck in the winter games, did we have to make up sports that we could be good in? If snowboarding is in, why isn't skateboarding in the summer games? Or BMX? Or eXtreme bong-smoking?

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks these sports are ridiculous. I think what makes them the most annoying is the announcers that go with them. "Oooh, that's a nice double fakey with a reverse ollie." Now I know those probably sounds as silly as Dick Button saying, "Wow, a beautiful triple lutz into a salchow", but still... the word "fakey" alone is enough to make me hate snowboarding.

In these times of eXtreme patriotism, I suppose I should support anything that'll get us another medal and show our complete superiority to the rest of the world.

And in that spirit I'm fully supporting the team of Dorothy and Maude in the next summer games when Bridge becomes an exhibition sport! Go Maude!!!

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

- 02/11/2002

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