Los Angeles... Heaven or Hell?

- wadE

Travel is a requirement for my job. Some days you love it, some days you hate it...but all in all it's been a great way for a boy from a small midwestern town to see the world.

These days I find myself in Los Angeles. The first thing that strikes me about LA is the weather. It's mid-march. As much of the country sees rain or snow. It's constantly sunny and in the high 60's/low 70's out here. On the other hand, you have to share that great weather with 21 million people.

As I fly in each Monday around 9AM, I look out the window at the sprawling metroplex that is the City of Angels, and I see the cars on the "freeways". Not moving. By the time I get my rental car and get on the "freeways", it's nearly 10AM. Traffic actually moves, but is still as packed as rush hour in most major cities. I drive on roads that are 7 or even 8 lanes wide (just on one side!).

But the beauty is undeniable. To the north are majestic mountains, to the south is the blue waters of the Pacific. Inbetween lies an irrigated desert filled with millions of people. Crime, filth, Hollywood...

Speaking of...I will be spending the upcoming weekend here in LA, not far from the site of the Academy Award Ceremony. I'll be sure to check in next week with a recap of the Oscars and any celeb sightings!!!

Speaking of...first celeb sighting was last week at LAX. Derek Parra, the Olympic speedskater, you know... he set a world record, won a gold medal! Anyway, he was there getting on a flight to Amsterdam.

Hopefully I'll have even more to report next week.

- 03/20/2002

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