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Have you seen Insomniac w/ Dave Attell?

I came across this show a few months ago. I was up late on Sunday night. I was so tired that I couldn't sleep, and I was watching my favorite channel, Comedy Central, mostly because there isn't ANYTHING on Sunday nights worth watching...70 channels, and nothing on. You know, I wish the cable company would let you pay per channel. You know, get ride of all those shop at home channels, C-SPAN2 (I think regular old C-SPAN has enough shots of a mostly empty Senate gallery to last me a lifetime), Oxygen (no offense ladies, but I've already got Lifetime to satisfy my "Men Suck" movie needs)...I'd save so much money, but that's a story for another time.

Anyway, I'm up late on a Sunday night watching Comedy Central, and they had just started this "Up Late?" promotion on Sunday nights staring at 12 AM Eastern/11 PM Central. The main chunk of this was Insomniac and The Chris Wylde Show. So I decide to check it out.

Now, The Chris Wylde Show is definitely up there with some of the worst TV I've ever seen. The show is basically a really bad ripoff of The Tom Green Show. So, you can only imagine how bad it is. After the first stint, The Chris Wylde Show has now moved to 2:30 AM/1:30 AM. When you get the 2:30 AM slot on Sunday night/Monday morning on Comedy know you suck. I'm shocked they are still giving him money to make this show...which is now sandwiched between the animated Duckman (starring the voice of KFC pitchman, Jason Alexander (i.e. George Constanza)) and Strangers With Candy (which is just a bad show that The Daily Shows' Steven Colbert can't even save).

On the flip side was Insomniac with Dave Attell. The second season has been upgraded to a nice Wednesday at 10:30 PM/9:30 PM time slot. The basic plot of Insomniac is as follows: Dave Attell is an actual comedian from New York. He's got a camara crew that follows him as he tours the country doing his stand-up routine. After he's done with his show, he goes out with the camara crew and explores the city he is in. This usually involves hitting the bars and getting drunk with some locals. Ahhh, the simplicity is beautiful! This show is great! The show also highlights places that locals probably don't even know about: S&M bars in NYC, the "Skank of the Month" contest at Bohager's in Baltimore, a pumphouse in New Orleans that keeps the city from flooding when it rains (turns out, the big easy is below sea level!).

I think my favorite episode would be Dave's visit to Kansas City. Partially because Dave picks up two strippers from a strip club and takes them with him in a Limo he's got for the night, and partially because there is a scene where he starts making out with this girl he's buying shots for at a bar. We've all had that friend who gets drunk, starts flirting with someone nasty..and then they start making out at the bar. High Comedy!

For more of Insomniac with Dave Attell, check out their site. You can take a look at all the fun Dave had last season. I missed the episode where he was in San Diego, but instead of hanging out there, he decided to go to Tijuana; that looked damn funny!

- 01/20/2002

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