I Love The 90s

- wadE

Are you like me... are you watching VH1s I Love The 90s?

Why is it that shows like this suck us in. Is it because it's cotton candy for the soul? Sweet while eating it, but vastly unfulfilling after you're done?

I've been enjoying ILTN because I have a much better memory of that decade than the 80s and certainly more than the 70s. But to be honest, I'm not enjoying it as much as the 80s.

Some things that have bothered me:

The dancing baby. It was horribly stupid and annoying when it was on the internet, it officially "jumped the shark" (which oddly enough has also jumped the shark) when it appeared on Ally McBeal... I hate this thing. It's ugly, and I find it somewhat disturbing. Was it that big of a deal where they have to toss the baby into every other scene on ILTN?

Jerry Springer's Final Thought. I hate Jerry... he embodies so much of what is/was bad with television. And while you and I can debate whether or not the show is entertaining, I think we all can agree that Jerry's final moment was the least entertaining and most painful part of the show. Jerry Springer is the piece of shit on the bottom of the sole of the television history shoe. He should be scraped off on a curb, and forgotten. The Final Thought has left me with a bad taste in my mouth after each episode of ILTN.

The brief glimpse of Kylie Minoque in I love 94. How can you only show Kylie for .5 seconds??? I know she doesn't have a lot of American visability during the 90s, but obviously they sat her down to chat about music, and we only get that? MORE KYLIE!!!

Some D-list "celebrities". If you watch enough VH1 you probably know some all of the reoccurring people who show up ILTN because most of the competely unknown ones are on VH1's "Best Week Ever" show. They are fine on that show...this is I Love The 90s!!! Ditch these guys and get more airtime for Sir Mix-a-Lot...and Kylie!

Some good things:

Lacey Chabert... HOT! Hot like fire! It's like Stephanie from Full House. You found her incredibly annoying when she was younger and on TV, but now, she's smokin' hot! And let me tell you, there was no one more annoying or heckled in my college dorm room than Claudia... er... not that we watched Party Of Five or anything... oh hell. Yes, we watched. Mostly because it was on after 90210. Anyway, Claudia was so annoying... "Charlieeee, Baileeeee, Juliaaaaaa... whineeeeeeee". But seriously... have you seen her?

Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black. My favorite spot so far is when they talk about NYPD Blue and Michael goes off on being a C-list celebrity, and then shows his network debut on NYPD Blue as a Puerto Rican gay prostitute. High comedy! While I can see his sardonic delivery can grate on you after awhile, it just fits. Hal Sparks is the perfect balance. More sarcastic and just as funny and insightful on the innane nature of the time and the show itself. I could probably just watch these two comment and rip on everything and be perfectly entertained.

The timeliness. With the 90s not being all that long ago, it's easy to remember all of the terrible bands and trends (Ace of Base or Slapon Bracelets). On the other hand it makes you feel incredibly old. "I still listen to that song...it's 12 years old?!?!"

So, we're halfway through the 90s this week, I can't wait to waste my life watching the second half of the 90s! So join me! VH1, 8:00 and 9:00 CDT

- 07/15/2004

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