"There's no tying in baseball!!!"

- wadE


What do you mean the game is going to be called after the 11th inning?

Why would you even announce that before the bottom half of the 11th...if someone scores, you can avoid controversy!

Come on Benito...Come on....oh crap...

To paraphase Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan... "Are you tying? Are you tying? There's no tying in baseball...there's no tying in BASEBALL!!!"

No better place for this to happen than in Bud's backyard... "I want to take this opportunity to apologize to the fans,'' Selig said. "Given the health of the players, I had no choice." The health of the players? 2 innings? 25 and 31 pitches apiece? That's all we can expect out of a couple of starters? I won't bore you with numbers, but several all star games have gone longer than 11 innings and dozens of pitchers have pitched 3+ innings.

Ok, if the game had gone to 13 or 14 innings and these guys were pitching 5-6 innings, that would be a little more reasonable...but 2 innings, 30 pitches? That's not even a warmup for these guys!

As much as I hate Selig, the blame here really should go to Torre and Brenly. This isn't a little league game, not everyone has to play...especially the pitchers. I don't think we need to expand the roster, I don't think we need more players in the All Star Game, what we need are managers who know how to manage and have some balls. Obviously with Torre and Brenly picking a lot of their own guys, these guys don't have any balls.

Yes I know this is an exhibition game, but the baseball fan expects a winner, that is key in baseball. The game will go as long as it takes. In the AL they have a curfew (I think 2 AM), if the game isn't done by then, they pick it up the next morning. Just when you thought baseball couldn't do anymore to soil its reputation with its fans...

I think another quote from Jimmy Dugan is appropriate in closing for Selig, Brenly, and Torre..."Anyone ever tell you, you look like a little penis in a hat?"

- 07/10/2002

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