Happy Anniversary!!!

- wadE

Hard to believe, but it's been a year since we started simpleprop.com. After a year of kicking around the idea of putting some sort of website together, wadE, Alex, and Wade finally pulled the trigger in November of 2001. At least that's what I'm saying is the official anniversary, since that's when the annual bill for hosting comes due!

Anniversaries are a time for reflection. Where have we come from...where are we going? After a slow start, simpleprop.com has become a fun site (at least for us), a place where we can be creative and entertain ourselves and hopefully a few of you out there. I hope we continue to gain momentum (and a user base) throughout the next year and beyond!

Another exciting recent development here is that we've finally been indexed by google.com (and therefore yahoo.com). This recent phenomenon has provided a lot of entertainment for us in the form of search strings. This month's report yields:

16: sue bird
10: best cds ever
8: winona rider shoplifting
7: winona rider court
6: winona rider shoplifting video
5: hard brain teasers
5: izabella scorpuco
3: fox nfl weathergirl
3: full length song innocent by our lady peace
3: brian fellow's safari planet pictures
3: a simple prop to occupy my time
3: golden tee tournament
3: chris wylde
3: dave attell
2: why golf isn't a sport
2: winona rider in court
2: notre dame fighting irish leprachaun
2: manute bol biography
2: naproxen alcohol
2: cobra voices gi joe
plus 228 more!

Along with the search strings are the referring pages which are interesting to see. A few of them are search links:

21: www.simpleprop.com/wadE/abc2.html +shirtless+wifebeaters&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
10: www.simpleprop.com/+a+simple+prop+to+occupy+ my+time&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
10: www.simpleprop.com/anderswa/073002toons.html +cobra+commander+halloween+costume&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
21: www.simpleprop.com/wadE/abc2.html+margaritaville+ tits&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8
14: www.simpleprop.com/wadE/neworleans.html+jimmy+ buffet+show+tits&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8

Fun stuff! It makes me very happy and proud to know that people are stopping by...although the paths they seem to be taking to get to us leave a little to be desired... but the ends justify the means... right?

Time for the Oscar winning speech:

First off I'd like to thank Wade and Alex for all their creative and thoughtful work over the past year. It has been a lot of fun and it has been so exciting to create this with two guys who I've known forever. I'd also like to thank The Sports Guy - Bill Simmons and Matt at www.x-entertainment.com. Arguably our two biggest influences, in that they showed us that any schmoe can have a mildly entertaining website. Lastly, and certainly not leastly, you dear reader!

Now on to my picks for the award-winning articles of the past year!

Best Movie Review: Alex for Blade 2
Brilliant use of "the diary" style in this one. The visit to KFC before the movie just sets the scene perfectly.

Best Rambling Article: Wade for Idle Chatter
Tough competition on this one... Alex with two good ones, and wadE with another... but Wade seals the deal with the following sentence: "Do you think David Lee Roth is too old to bounce around stage on a giant inflatable wang?"

Best Topical Article: Wade for Comissioner Dud
I almost went with wadE's This is IT? article about the Segway Transporter, or Alex's La Copa Mundial, but Wade's smart and funny article on the announcement of the Minnesota Twins being targeted for contraction was fabulous.

Best Personal Article: Wade for Diary of a Bar Band, Chapter One
This was an easy award since Alex and wadE haven't delved into their personal lives as much as Wade.

Best Thought-provoking Article: Wade for Paul Wellstone
A touching memorial to a great senator.

Funniest Article: wadE, Wade, and Alex for Austin Bar Crawl
No contest on this one...even if you don't know any of us, and have never been to Austin. You cannot deny the comedic value of a drunken Smitty chasing us around for the second year in a row.

Worst Article: wadE for This Article
As I type I can't get the theme song to a recent Simpson's episode out of my head... "Sorry for the clip showwwww... Never fear, we've got stories for years... Like Moe gets a cell phooooone..." And all that sucking up to Wade and Alex and you readers... shameless, just shameless...

Best Article: (drumroll please.....) wadE for The Rise and Fall of the Game Show
Hey...it's my article, I can give the awards to whomever I want! :-)

- 11/21/2002

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