Real Life Wednesday

Thank you for this, Urban Meyer.

“It’s a topic that is very taboo not just for football players but for young men and men in general,” Landers says. “The way [Greenfield] approached it was fun and loose, but it was real. It was something everybody could relate to. You saw some guys who were going through some things that you’d have never thought [would be struggling] because on the surface you couldn’t tell.”

It’s wonderful that such a high-profile coach is willing to state that he’s much more interested in helping his players through life than he is in making it ‘all football, all the time’… while still obviously coaching them well enough to win a whole bunch of football games. This is the kind of balance that we all need. All of us.

I also like this quote from one of the assistant coaches:

“But that is the real world. You don’t want to not understand where they’re coming from, but part of the problem is they don’t understand the real world. I think it’s my job [to let the players know] ‘O.K., I know it’s hard, but we’re not apologizing for that. We’re not going to make it easy and soft because you’re dealing with something.’ The one thing you realize is that everybody is dealing with something. Everybody.”

It’s also ok that things are hard. It’s ok to be challenged by life. And it’s ok to admit it if that overwhelms you, and get some help with it.