Fifty Years Later

Interesting visual storytelling by Ariel Aberg-Riger on The Kerner Report of 1968, about the Summer of 1967 riots. I can’t say it’s surprising that the things the report predicted have come to pass, or that the troubles of 1968 sound an awful lot like the troubles of 2018, but it is certainly sad.

If you want to extrapolate back even further, as this long article does, and suggest that the underlying causes of the US Civil War are still being struggled with today, I’m not sure I’d argue.

And while it’s tempting to want to wring our collective hands over the situation in our country, I believe there’s hope. Check out this exchange from a recent ESPN interview with soon-to-be NFL quarterback Josh Rosen:

But you’re expressing these opinions in an age when some people want athletes to shut up and dribble.
That minority will go away — not completely, but I’m sorry, you’re not winning this one. You won’t successfully get people to stop caring for other people. Not happening.

I honestly think this is what we need. More people need to come together and decide to care for others, putting aside everything else but base humanity. So maybe before you post that snarky Facebook meme trashing dumb Trump voters, decide to do something else that produces actual good instead. It’ll add up.