Author David Joy writes about gun culture

Phenomenal essay. Read it.

“Unlike a lot of those who carry, I don’t buy into that only-way-to-stop-a-bad-guy-with-a-gun-is-a-good-guy-with-a-gun bravado. I have no visions of being a hero. Instead, I find myself looking for where I’d run, asking myself what I would get behind. The gun is the last resort. It’s the final option when all else is exhausted.”

There aren’t any great answers here, but I believe it’s conversation like this that will be critical in getting the discussion moved forward.


“While the two of us sat there sipping coffee, there were kids on the television in the background, high school survivors who were willing to say what we are not, and I was ashamed.”

This willingness to show some vulnerability (and previously in the essay he referenced seeing a therapist), while clearly not giving up an overall macho/manly attitude… the two things are not mutually exclusive, men.