I just need to let a few arrows fly.

Lots of varied and interesting stuff in this interview with Brendan Fraser. I appreciate these pieces about aging artists even more as I start to realize the gap between what my face in the mirror looks like vs how I picture myself (which is, to be honest, as a much younger person than I am).

“I’m okay,” he says. “I think I just need to let some arrows fly.”

He excuses himself as I ponder what this means. A few minutes go by. When he returns, it’s with a leather quiver full of arrows strapped to his back. He steps out onto his porch. Outside, he lofts a bow, nocks an arrow. Down below on his lawn, maybe 75 yards away, is an archery target. He releases the arrow straight into the target’s center. Bull’s-eye. Then nocks a second arrow, and does it again.

Finally, he exhales. “I feel a lot better now,” he says. He hands me the bow: “Okay, now you try.”