Got massively stuck in the snow this morning trying to leave my apartment on the way to the gym. This is the sort of thing that, in the past, I’ve allowed myself to stress out about and more or less let it wreck my day. Today, instead of that, I’m going to make a short list of related things for which I am grateful.

  • I’m grateful for my health. I spent 40 minutes digging out the underside of my car, and certainly not everyone is capable of that.
  • I’m grateful for the snow removal guys who were here working to clear the apartment sidewalks and driveways. They loaned me a shovel, and one of the guys helped push me clear once I got the car broken out. He mentioned that he’d been working for 16 hours, and that this was his 2nd job, and he was off soon to start his shift working concrete. I wished him well and hoped he was big on caffeine. Very nice dude. I think most people are, given the chance.
  • I’m grateful for a job that’s flexible enough to let me come in a bit late while I let my hands and forearms stop shaking, and let all of my relevant winter clothing dry out. I may not have made it to the gym, but I did certainly exercise.

Things do go wrong, and I’m fully capable of handling them. Even the ones that are bigger than this. That’s a good lesson to remember.