The Legacy of David Kahn

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I just did this in an e-mail to the other two yahoos on this site and it seemed like too much work to just lose in the ether.

+ Drafting and signing Rubio (eventually)
+ Hiring Adelman
+ Signing Ridnour
+ Signing Pek (although, to be fair, he was drafted by McHale)

+ Drafting Flynn (6th overall) seconds after drafting Rubio
+ Trading Lawson for a first rounder that became something called Luke Babbitt that became Martell Webster
+ Drafting Wes Johnson (4th overall)
+ Signing Ramon Sessions
+ Trading for and then re-signing Darko
+ F’ing up the two first-rounders they got for trading Al Jefferson (Donatas Motiejunas and Terrence Jones)
+ Waiving Chandler Parsons
+ Trading a second-round pick to POR to draft a guy who was too old to be drafted
+ Not giving Kevin Love a max contract deal

Not bad but not great:
+ Waiving Alonzo Gee
+ Trading Kosta Koufos
+ almost way overpaying for Nic Batum

Everything else is basically neutral.

Inaugural Propcast

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Are you a faithful SP reader? Now you can be a faithful SP listener! Like many other blogs we’ve decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon with the “propcast”. Now you can enjoy the unique humor of Wade, Alex, and wadE in audio format. This is our first of many, so bear with us as we work out the bugs and hopefully improve. Enjoy!

Food Inc.: Revisited

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Recently I watched Food Inc. for the second time. There was a quote that caught my ear from Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. I’m paraphrasing but essentially it was that when he is at the farmers market people come up to him and are outraged that a dozen eggs from his farm costs three dollars, but they are holding a can of soda that cost 75 cents.
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Hall of Flame

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I’m intending to write more on this year’s baseball Hall of Fame election results after they’re announced on Wednesday. But, after reading Jayson Stark’s article on how he filled out his ballot, I will say this:

Anyone who submitted a blank ballot should be banned from having a vote. I’ll be happy to name names when they’re published.