666 or 6/6/6

- wadE

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To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised there isn't a Heaven's Gate type of cult that hasn't declared today the Apocalypse... but the day is young.

There isn't much of anything in the news about 6/6/06. One could try and twist this story into something satanic.

The only "hell" reference I can find is here.

The remake of The Omen comes out today. And while people generally detest remakes, you almost have to remake The Omen and have it come out on 6/6/6.

I would argue that this is a sign of the apocalypse.

Of course a scarier sign of the apocalypse is that I rode my bike into work this morning. Believe it... or Not!

Well, if we all make it through the day alive, I believe we can safely put the Devil to bed. Because if he truly did exist and was going to make an appearance, today seems to be the most likely day in the next 100 years.

Happy Apocalypse Day!

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