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Yeah great, so there's this girl that is 13 who is starting college in the fall. That's not all too surprising in and of itself. Doogie Howser was already in Med School by that time.

While I wasn't a kid genius, I was smart enough to end up pretty bored in school growing up. I can understand the reasons you'd want to accelerate your child. And thankfully this girl isn't just being dropped right into regular college classes, this college in particular has a "Program for the Exceptionally Gifted"... and what a modest name they chose for program.

But a particular quote from this girl's mother troubled me:

Teresa Manzella also is home schooling her 10-year-old son, Kieran, who plays violin. She said that when asked whether her children might miss the socialization provided by a regular school, "My reaction is that socialization is not everything it's cracked up to be. Mainly it's about fitting in ... and my kids couldn't fit in if they tried."

Wow... she sounds nice, doesn't she? Ok, she is probably right about he kids not fitting in, but doesn't that come off a bit harsh; and it isn't all about fitting in.

And yeah, socialization isn't important at all, in life there is really no need to be able to relate to other people (regardless of their intelligence or social standing)... I mean hermits and recluses don't talk to other people for years and years on end. No problem!

Oddly enough, going away to school may be the best thing for this girl. I think some time away from mommy dearest could actually help her get some people skills.

And people wonder how home schoolers (children and the parents) get a bad rap.

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