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If you haven't heard, the latest great idea from the Bush administration on dealing with illegal immigration is to bolster border patrols with the National Guard.

I'm not sure if marching along the Rio Grande is truly a better assignment than going to Iraq, but adding 10,000 Guardmen to the border is a bit like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

Although my math tells me that 10,000 Guards on a 2,000 mile border means 1 guard for every .2 miles. Now that might actually work! :-)

The best thing I read is that Mexican President Vincente Fox is concerned about the possibility of a militarized border. Bush tells him that it's only the National Guard, not the army. Like that means they won't have guns or something?

At any rate it seems like yet another example of short-sighted policy this administration (and many Republicans) are known for. Caught with a couple of ounces of illegal drugs? Well it's off to prison with you for 5 years. Caught robbing a store, well, off to jail too, but you'll be out in 2 years. Go figure...

At this lowest of low points (for any president) I was thinking the only way for Bush to come out of this without the tag of "worst president since Hoover" (which is a little unfair to Hoover, he was actually a very smart and compassionate man, I think the true blame falls with his two predecessors, Coolidge and Harding...but I digress)... I was thinking the only things Bush could do was to dump his cabinet and advisors and try to fulfill his promise of being a "uniter" and find a way to get something... anything ... accomplished in his last two years. What does he have to lose at this point? He won't be pursuing any other office from here on out. His own party is abandoning him as mid year elections are coming. Most of the nation views him as ineffectual (at best) and a liar (at worst). Why not do something dramatic?

However, I'm thinking that's pretty unlikely. Doing something like that takes bravery, wisdom, and just a touch of crazy. But Bush has only got one of those three...

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