Oops they did it again...

- wadE

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I forget if I bitched about this in the forum, or in a previous gambit, but the Strib has done it again.

By the time you get there it might be gone, but the background image of their homepage is the same background I've used here.

It could be worse. It is limited to just the home page, as opposed to every single page, but for some reason this really bothers me.

1) It's hideous. Seriously, look at how bad it looks here, it looks even worse on a professional newspaper's website.

B) You don't see the Washington Post stooping to such lame advertising techniques.

iii) It's tacky. Why not put up a giant "For Sale" background on the days when you don't have someone willing to pony up the cash? It's beyond third rate in my mind.

At least it's not the horrible GM logo that they had up back in March, but it's still incredibly lame.

P.S. Happy 76th Birthday Dad!

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