Screw You, Sudoku

- Wade

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Hello. My name is Wade. I'm one of the volunteers who makes this little website click. Not as much lately, which you may or may not have noticed. Why? It's simple really:

Yes. Sudoku.

Sudoku is an abbreviation of a Japanese phrase meaning "the digits must remain single," which is not only appropriate but also really close to a creative response I got from a girl at a bar once when I asked for her number.

Sudoku is easily the most frustrating thing in my life right now, which is saying quite a bit given that I watch nearly every Twins game as well as the idiot contestants on "Deal or No Deal." It seems so simple, really: don't repeat any digit in its row or its 9-square region. However, I invariably screw it up. And once you make a mistake, it's nearly impossible to recover without erasing all of your progress and starting all over. And when that happens, I tell Sudoku to screw off, forget you, I don't need the aggravation. But after a few minutes Sudoku calls me back. Softly at first, but I hear it. And I start to think that, really, it's not that hard. I can do it. I can conquer you, Sudoku. And yet... I invariably fail again.

And it's not just me. When I came home from work yesterday Sara was giving Sudoku a whirl. Sophie was hanging upside down from the rafters, Max hadn't been fed since the morning, Sadie had torn through the screen door and something on the stove was on fire. Just kidding, whatever was on the stove had burnt itself out. Okay, none of that is true, I'm just bitter because she's better at it than I am. But, irregardless, she's addicted too.

Is it just me? Am I the only dope that gets into this? I know my fellow simpleprop rubes don't do the crossword puzzle thing like I do, but I'd think this would appeal to wadE. But tread lightly, Sudoku can get very possessive. Damn you, Sudoku.

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