Green Roofs and Porn

- Alex

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Gonna be a linky Gambit today. Let's roll.

Found a link to the Green Roof Research department at Penn State. Seems like cool stuff to me, I'd never really heard anything about it before reading this article in the local fish wrap, which makes it seem like we might start seeing more of it around here. Go us. Metro represent. And so on.

Then I found this article. Teenage boys, start signing up for Northwestern. I kid, I kid. But it did remind me that there was a girl at Olaf when I was there who was doing a psych study on porn and social behavior. Sure enough, a quick Googling (after a long bout of swearing whilst trying to remember her name) turns up the project in Prof. Huff's bio page. Tip: search for Watching Porn in Public. So they're not really doing anything at Northwestern that hasn't already been done at a stuffy uptight midwestern school. So there.

Ok that's all I got. 'Til next time.

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