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Since the actual job is hectic today, it seems like a good day to give some public love to a site called YouTube. I mean, I know I did already in the Forum, but I know nobody reads that...

So YouTube. Basically it's a place for you to upload your own video clips of... well, anything. For example, I'm watching tv one night and I see a great baseball highlight. Now not too long ago (like a year, tops) I'd have had to hope that my friends also saw it on tv. Not now. Now I can just send them a link (or put a link here) when I see Anderson Hernandez do this:

Unfortunately as of this writing no one has uploaded video of Tad Iguchi's sick, sick throw from over the weekend. I'll link to it somewhere when it does finally show up...

There's also wadE's favorite find of the last week or so - Ask A Ninja. He hosts his stuff on YouTube as well. If you want an introduction, you can't do any better than the Ninja Omnibus, see below:

And, relative to just about nothing at all, I present to you "Casey's Video Blog, vol. 2":

There you have it, subject matter suitable to a Monday.

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