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And it was Opening Day, and lo there was much rejoicing by us simpleprop rubes. Although probably not to equal degrees, we're all fans of the game and enjoy the anticipation intrinsic to the new season: where will the Twins finish, how many times Tony Batista is going to let grounders roll through his legs, can Joe Mauer's sideburns get any longer... We're also involved in this trifle that the kids refer to as "Fantasy Baseball", but I won't bore you with the details: it's not very popular.

With the baseball season opening a couple of weeks back, there's been a lot of chatter between the three of us (and Matty and Jason) on the topic. Because some of these were funny (and because I'm inherently lazy) I cherry-picked some lines for your reading enjoyment:

Alex: I think you should rename your team Todd Jones's Mustache. I'll go with Tony LaRussa's Mullet.

Alex: there's no tootie in MLB, is there?

Alex (when asked about the ages of his utility outfielders): i believe they're 25, 30, 32, and real old. i should note that now that i'm 31, none of those sounds very old at all.

Matty (on Kansas City's new acquistions Doug Mientkiewicz, Tony Graffanino, and Mark Grudzielanek): You know I can't spell so I won't even try -- just look at the right side of the infield for Kansas City this year. That has to be some sort of record.

me: good to see lecroy starting off on the right... (wait for it...) foot for his new team.

me (in reference to Blue Jays SP Roy Halladay): halliday... celebrate...

me: were you aware that washington has two more marlons than every other team in the majors combined? (including the marlins?)

wadE (in response to the above): but only one more Marlon than the Wayans family...

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