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As I'm certain we've mentioned, the three of us here all hail from the same small Southern Minnesota town, and we tend to joke that the only time it ever makes the news is when someone robs the hamburger shop and the police follow the trail of cash register tape to the robbers, or when a kid gets stuck in a vending machine, and so on. All that is easy enough to joke about, because it's both true and funny, and the hometown isn't quite so small as we'd lead you to believe, so having news happen there, well, it happens.

Not so much so for my mom's hometown, which I was shocked to find as the top story for the local fish wrap's online wing this morning. The place is small. We're talking a couple hundred people small. Hopefully this satellite shot culled from Google will help out with the visualization:

Surrounded by farmland, only a few small blocks of civilization, just a standard little ag town. For reference, the red circle is the house my grandparents owned, the green circle is (probably, my air surveilance skills aren't necessarily top notch) the church in which my parents got married, and the Google marker points to the block in which a family was found to have 114 explosive devices, and more than 20 pounds of explosive materials, some in the house, some buried in the yard. Authorities have linked them to a string of mailbox explosions in the county, and the exploding of a portable toilet in Albert Lea.

Sure, it's small time stuff, but who says it was going to stop there? And for me, the fact that my grandparents' home town, the one that they lived in their entire lives, is now front page news for housing a family of bombmakers... well, it's either a sign of the apocalypse, or the final blow to my innocence about small town Minnesota life.

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