The Queen is on Her last legs

- Alex

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Now I'll grant you that this isn't something I've tracked closely from month to month, but having used the copout of our site's statistics on several occasions throughout the history of The Daily Gambit, I feel like I've got a pretty good idea of what brings people to this here little ol' corner of the internet. For as many months as I can remember now, the leader has been one Ms. Sue Bird. But with only a scant few days left in March, it appears that the Queen is about to be dethroned. We'll see how Ohio reports in, though. Ahem. Anyway, the leader in the clubhouse so far is (drumroll, please):


I assume that we can thank Wade A for this turn of events, and frankly, it's about time. wadE's done his part to drive traffic here by pissing off Canadian Golden Tee players, posting the "We Love Barney Fife" song, and ranting about Junk Mail. Me, I [heart] Sue of course, and I've brought in the folks seeking to see Emilio Estevez shirtless, and those folks hunting for pictures of Tim Spooneybarger. And now Wade's bringing some Scrub-love to the site. Kudos to him for that. And remember, no matter what happened to bring you here, welcome, and remember:


Well, maybe not, but do stick around won't you? Wade will gladly catch you a delcious bass if you do. There'll be pictures of that this week, I believe.

You know, after re-reading this, I wonder if it'll make any sense if you haven't been around for the initial events, if this is the first page you see of this site. Which is merely more incentive for me to leave this as-is, of course. So there ya go.

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