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I was watching the early morning news today, and they were doing a small report on how a certain drug (I've forgotten which, and frankly I prefer it that way) has now been found to cause sleep-eating. I have to tell you, this is the kind of stuff that made me become a Psychology major in college. Sleep-eating! Naturally, I hit the web to see if I could find anything more interesting to read about it.

Here's a CNN article from 2002 on the subject. Or if you prefer something more science-y, here's a link from the National Sleep Foundation on the subject.

I think the links speak for themselves as far as the factual information they contain. What I'd add as a partially-trained interested observer is that it's interesting that two-thirds of the patients are women. Even though the research indicates that sleep-eating isn't related to other eating disorders, I'd still wonder if it tends to occur more in women because women are more exposed to societal pressure about being unrealistically thin. Either way, this is the kind of psychology that is so fascinating to me. What happens in our brains that causes this activity, and how do we treat it? Great stuff... unless of course you're afflicted, and then it's not quite so abstractly fascinating, I suppose.

Now there's a natural segue here into the time my friend in high school woke up in mid-business on the toilet, but somehow I doubt that study would be as fun to conduct...

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