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Summer of 1993. Four local idiots are on a road trip up to the big bad city to see a Twins game on their last summer vacation before college (well, except for Wade). As luck would have it, they end up seated behind a field trip from an assisted living facility. As each and every Twins batter stepped up to the plate, he was greeted with a yell from one of the women. She yelled: "Kirbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!", regardless of whether or not the batter was Kirby Puckett, Pedro Munoz, or Jeff Reboulet. Such was the stature of Puckett's status as icon in the Twin Cities. No matter who else was on the team, we had Kirby, and what else did you need, really?

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, Puckett suffered a stroke on Sunday, and had to undergo neurosurgery. The latest news reports I can find list him as still being in critical condition. It's probably too early to say, but there were two members of the '87 World Series champs who looked as though they'd eaten their former selves, and now they've both had brain trauma, perhaps because of those weight issues. Let's hope that Kirby can pull through the same way Al Newman did.

The Twins are asking everyone to keep Puck in their thoughts and prayers. As for me, well my thoughts go something like this:


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