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If you haven't read Wade's gambit from yesterday, take a peek and come back.

Initially I too was against building a new Vikings Stadium in Blaine. That is damn far to drive for a game, but I have recently warmed up to the idea.

1) Let the 'geniuses' in the northern suburbs pay for this thing. I can't remember the last time I spent a dime in Anoka county. Outside of my actual attendance at game, this won't cost me an extra dime.

B) I am somewhat more comfortable with Ziggy (I too eschew his choice of spelling) building something like this because he is a commercial developer. This is what he and his family does. Think of this as Mall Of America North. While it continues to baffle me, the northern suburbs keep on growing. Maybe people want to be that much closer to their cabins, but there are plenty of people up there to fund and support this. I'm not a proponent of corporate welfare, especially when it comes to sports, but this isn't that bad of an idea besides Becker Furniture world and Maple Grove, do they even have a local Mecca for shopping up there? (much in the way that "sex sells", here in MN, "shopping sells")

Thirdly) This could actually be a boon to the northern suburbs. They would have an excellent chance of getting light-rail to go up that direction. They would get improvements to local roads and highways in the surrounding area as well.

Would I prefer a new stadium built downtown by private money? Yes. But would I prefer to continue to suffer in the Metrodome vs. make the drive 8 times a year to Blaine? No. Additionally, I would probably scalp my season tickets for the first year or two to make a tidy little profit for people who want to enjoy the new stadium. :-D

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