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I won't bore you with the details of my trip to Aruba...I'll actually save that for an entire article!

But being back at work for the first day, "re-entry", has been especially painful. Probably because nobody did anything while I was gone. I had specific tasks for many people, and most of them didn't do them. The worst part is that I have no direct control over these people, and some of them are several levels above me.

I need to change my business card from IT Project Manager to Professional Babysitter.

Just when you think you work in the "professional world", someone comes along to remind you that 55-year old women can act like children. Ignorant, selfish... actually, that too insulting to children.

My new thought is to stop caring so much. Do I really think I'm going to be a big raise or promotion if I spend the majority of my day bugging people to do their work?

And people wonder why I don't want to have children... I have plenty to tend to here at work.

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