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No, I'm not talking about our duly appointed fearless leader's address tonight, although that might be worth watching too. No, I'm talking about the state of this here website. 2006 marks our sixth calendar year of wasting your time (we were around for a whole month or so of 2001). And so let's take a quick look at the raw data of our visibility - which is kinda sorta like a poll, if you squint just right. Here, have a chart:

As you can see, we're only one month into the year and we're already more popular than we were in 2001 and 2002, and 2003 should fall by early March at this rate. But the big goal is eclipsing our monster year, 2004. We took a slight step backwards last year, but if I were Rob Neyer I might chalk that up to standard deviation or some other term that I don't fully understand. In any event, I can say with confidence that we want to do better.

How are we going to accomplish that goal? Well, to be honest, there's no unifying master plan here. We're gonna keep trying to crank out this here Daily Gambit with some regularity (seeing as how it's supposed to be daily and all), and Wade and I have unofficial plans to "write more". I haven't heard anything from wadE, but I would assume that his own personal goals are similar.

Still, we are in our sixth year, and that's not bad for a site with no designs on making money whatsoever. This is our version of fun, folks, and for those of you that keep stopping by, I hope you're entertained at least a little bit by our brand of schlock.

What do you think? Drop us a line at and give us some feedback. Maybe we'll even run your letters in future Gambits. 'The Daily Gambit' is updated every weekday.


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