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Oddly enough, like Wade I too have been growing a beard. Although I started mine shortly after Christmas, so I'm ahead of Wade by a few weeks. It was pretty awful for the first couple of weeks. I could tell by the fact that no one at work even mentioned anything the first week I was back. If they don't even make fun of it, it must have been worse than even I thought.

I have attempted a beard in the past, but usually abandoned just after a few days, but with time away for work over the Holidays, and a special request by Chelle, I've stuck with it, and after those first two weeks, it started to look somewhat respectable. At least to the point where I didn't feel embarrassed at work. :-)

The odd thing is that after week 3, the beard turned red on me. This isn't surprising since my goatee has a tendency to turn red, but the beard is even more red than the goatee.

I've decided to keep the beard through the SuperBowl...partly because I can then call it a playoff beard, and partly because I'm taking a tropical vacation in Febrary, and don't need a beard while laying on the beach.

At any rate, I empathize with Wade, while it looks somewhat scraggly at times, it sure does save time in the morning. Maybe in the same vein that Wade has his annual ice fishing beard, maybe I'll try this again next January.

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