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I had been thinking about dedicating an entire gambit to men's tennis, in a 'who the hell are these guys?' sort of way, based on the fact that some dude named Baghdatis is now in the finals of the Australian Open. Sure, it's a bit limited in scope, but seriously. Baghdatis. Beat a guy named Nalbandian. Who?

But so that clearly works better as a little nugget, as I just illustrated. What I really want to focus on today is the side story to this article. In the little sidebar, there's a Super Bowl prediction, based on the health quality of tailgating food choices, and get this: The implication is that Pittsburgh food is healthier than Seattle food.

I'm going to say that again, because it's boggling my mind. Pittsburgh is healthier than Seattle.

(Remember, this is the same Pittsburgh where stuff like this has already happened this playoff season.)

Let's take a slightly closer look at things, to see exactly where this argument fails. For Seattle, we're given three food items: Popcorn; Hot Dog with Cream Cheese and the 'kraut; and A slice of pizza. Presumably they're drinking water, I guess. For Pittsburgh, we're also given three food items: Primantis Brothers sandwiches; A pint of Iron City Beer; and Kielbasa. Now pay attention, because here's where the failure comes in. It's possible that in Seattle, a patron could eat one of the three things - perhaps even all three - perhaps even while drinking a beer. It seems reasonable. But do you really think that anyone in Pittsburgh is stopping at just one pint of beer - just one kielbasa? Really?

I rest my case.

When Wade and I finally get around to updating our Super Bowl predictions, I have a hunch I'll be voting Pittsburgh, but it certainly won't be because I'm gonna try to sell you on their food being healthy.

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