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Since we left you last, there's been a (small) addition to the simpleprop family: Maxwell Roy Anderson.

Max was born at 3:01 p.m. on Thursday, January 19th, weighing in at eight pounds, three ounces. Compared to his sister, the birth was pretty smooth. (This from the person who just stood there for both births, saying "push" while trying not to pass out.)

Speaking of the sister, apparently all of her father's worries were for naught; she seems to be enamored with little Max. She gives him kisses, covers him with blankets, and, in general, stares at him with wonder.

All is well at home; we just returned home from our first four-person trip to Target with no significant emotional (or property) damage. So... maybe this will work out. I'll let you know if that holds true in ten years. :)

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