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I'm guessing many of you have read or heard about Paul English's IVR Cheat Sheet. The article above goes into the some detail on IVRs and how frustrating they can be, but my favorite part is where they quote the guy from Accenture on IVRs and later another expert talks about how having your calls answered overseas isn't the answer either.

As someone who has worked for Accenture, they have one of the worst IVRs and overseas operations around. It's like pulling teeth to get anything done, and if it's anything more than an inquiry, you have to wander through the options only to speak to a person who identifies himself as "John" or herself as "Betsy" even though you know there is no way in hell that is their real first name. At any rate, when you do finally talk to them, they can't do anything for you that isn't on their script and so it has to go to a person back in Chicago to take care of.

A good IVR is a great convenient help. But a bad IVR can be the bane of your existence.

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