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Per usual, go here and come back.

That's right, Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey is running for the Governor of Minnesota.

Before you laugh, he has promised to personally impale any terrorists on the steps of the capitol.

Ok, you may laugh now.

If you are brave enough to dig deeper, you will see that his ambition doesn't stop of the governor's house:
Upon becoming President I will immediately recall ALL servicemen and women from combat areas around the world. Additionally, I will have President George W. Bush charged and tried for the murders of every American that has been killed in Iraq as a result of him sending them into War. Upon being convicted, I think everyone knows what his punishment will be.

You guess it... impaled... on the Capitol Steps.

America is a beautiful place, isn't it? For only 300 bucks you too can run for governor of Minnesota! I, for one, know who I'm voting for!

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