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- Wade

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Okay, first go here. (Then come back.)

If you're into the whole summary thing, here it is: Naked News is an online subscription-based service where people (okay, men) can pay a monthly fee to see women disrobe while reading the day's headlines. No, really. After being created in Canada (of course), experiencing success in the U.S. and Europe, it's now branching to Japan. According to the CEO of Naked News's parent company, there is "a huge untapped market for the right kind of information if it was properly packaged." Yes, he really said it like that.

Let's be honest: I fully appreciate naked women. And, I enjoy getting caught up on the different happenings in the state, nation, world, what-have-you. But mixing the two? Not so sure I'd pay $20 a month for that.

Why? I'd like to think that I appreciate a good juxtaposition as much as the next guy. But some things just don't belong together. Naked News is a little like a fish taco-- two ideas that are fine enough on their own, but lose a great deal when combined. For example, say Angelina Jolie (not my type but for the sake of argument) is slowly removing her shirt. Woo. Then she starts talking about the confirmation hearings of Samuel Alito. Not so woo. Think about Jessica Simpson doing some sort of fan dance. Woo. She then tells you that Moody's and S&P have lowered Ford's credit ratings. Again, not so woo.

Is there really demand for this sort of thing? Is it a fetish for former political science majors? (And, if so, why don't I get it?) And, most importantly, if this really catches on, will I end up seeing Bill O'Reilly's bare chest anytime in the near future?

We can only hope that the answer is "no."

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