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This is definitely my story of the week. For those of you unwilling to click through, here's a summation: The Montreal Canadiens (a hockey team) are forced to practice at a suburban arena because the Rolling Stones were playing at their stadium. While practicing, a man later identified only as 'Raphael' jumps on the ice in full gear, and tries to score on the Habs' top goalie. And apparently (and this is my favorite part) he managed to get off two shots. Personally I would've stopped after the goalie casually poke checked me on the first attempt, but this guy came right back at it, getting off another wrister before being escorted back off the ice. He then had the gall to say that the only reason he didn't score was that he didn't have time. Right.

A) This is the sort of thing that I'd expect to happen in Austin.
B) This is the sort of thing that could only happen in the sport of hockey.

I love that the guy just got to walk off scot-free. I suppose it's just a public arena, and the Canadiens had nothing more private than "ice time", so it's not really any kind of tresspassing. But what's really too bad for Raphael is that the rest of the team was at the other end of the ice. If he'd really wanted to show that he could play in the NHL, he would've tried getting one past the goalie while getting a cross-check from Radek Bonk. I mean really, nothing says "let's see what you got, good luck" like a piece of lumber whacked across your lower back.

But ultimately I think the real question that should arise from this is can we use this precedent in any way to get wadE onto the field at the Metrodome to tackle TC Bear? If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know.

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