The Rose Bowl Game!

- Alex

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There it was, in big, Reggie Bush sized letters in the middle of the field. Rose Bowl Game, it said. ABC followed that protocol in all of its voice-over work coming out of commercials: The Rose Bowl Game, presented by Your Mom, is sponsored by. . .


It's the Rose Bowl. It's the only one, and we all know that it's a game already. No one is confusing it with old Betsy Johnson's Rose Bowl, sitting there on her side table in Des Moines, IA (but coincidentally also sponsored by a large corporation). It's been the Rose Bowl for so long that it's got an official nickname: The Grand-daddy of them all. To just arbitrarily append the word 'game' to the end of it, well it's just wholly unnecessary, and a little redundant. Can anyone explain it at all?

Oh yeah, and it was actually a pretty good game, too. I'm sure the media hype machine will call it the best game ever by the end of today. It wasn't. It was a very good game between the two best teams this year. So congratulations to Texas, for winning the Rose Bowl. Game.

Now bring on the Super Bowl Game!

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