2012 NFL Draft Diary

Nothing like an NFL draft to get back on the old SP horse! Time for an old fashioned draft diary! 7:00 CDT: We are coming to you live from Casa Van Betta. Alex is here for the moment to watch the first few picks. We open with Ray Lewis and some rapper who looks like Usher, but obviously isn’t Usher. Alex says, “I look foward to the Philly fans booing everything”. We’ve got Berman, Chucky Gruden, and Mel Kiper Jr (who hasn’t aged a day in the last 10 years, but aged 50 years compared to him 20 years ago). Van Halen’s “Right Now” is playing… Alex: “God I really want some Crystal Pepsi.” Goddell comes out… everyone boos… not just Philly fans. Continue reading “2012 NFL Draft Diary”

“Twins have no hope”

If Sid Hartman says the Twins have no hope… well, I expect locusts to descend on Target Field shortly…

My favorite part of the Sid Cast is his rattling off the players who he doesn’t really know. “Ka-silla” for Casilla (Sid probably also says jah-lap-in-o for jalapeño). “That Japanese Guy” (Nishioka) . “Rookie in Center Field” (Revere). “Nothing player in left field” (Repko… and *ouch*). “Cap” (Capps – and I could maybe give Sid a break on that one, maybe that’s the nickname used the clubhouse…although knowing the Twins shouldn’t it be Cappy?)

Sid’s also down on the Wild, but has good things to say about the T-wolves. Maybe Sid is actually taking off the rose colored glasses now that he’s in his 90s… or perhaps it just cataracts.