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22nd Winter Olympiad – A Primer

My first post about the Olympics dates back to 2002. At the time I was lamenting about the “X-ification” of the Winter Olympics. 12 years later my feelings haven’t changed.

The Cost of Life

Wanna watch the NCAA college basketball tournament (aka March Madness) online (presumably at work) this year? It’ll cost you. If you’re a cable or dish subscriber, you can ‘authenticate’1 with your account and watch all the games for… Read More

“Twins have no hope”

If Sid Hartman says the Twins have no hope… well, I expect locusts to descend on Target Field shortly… My favorite part of the Sid Cast is his rattling off the players who he doesn’t really know. “Ka-silla”… Read More

Better Championship Ceremony – NHL or NBA?

The NBA crowned a champion on Sunday night, and the NHL will do the same on Wednesday (or possibly Thursday, if it goes to OT(s)). With the championships happening roughly at the same time every year, it got… Read More

Best ‘personality’ on KFAN

As mentioned on Tuesday, we were discussing writing a Gambit about our favorite on-air talent at the local sports-talk radio station, KFAN. This is that Gambit. wadE: Hi-Fi, the Big Ticket, Bump… the best KFAN host is Dan… Read More