The Cost of Life

Wanna watch the NCAA college basketball tournament (aka March Madness) online (presumably at work) this year? It’ll cost you. If you’re a cable or dish subscriber, you can ‘authenticate’1 with your account and watch all the games for ‘free’. If you’re not one of those people, you can pay $3.99 for the whole slate of games.

“We had to protect our distributors, and part of that protection is to make sure when people are cable, satellite or Telco subscribers, they have the opportunity to watch all these games for free on any device they want,” [Turner Sports president David] Levy told

Translation: “Why aren’t you witless sheep spending $100/month to buy cable and watch all of our quality programming? Then this would be ‘free’ for you.”

I will allow that four bucks is a reasonable price point. However, this does nothing to lessen my view that the cable companies are doing EVERYTHING they can to protect their cartel model for television against those of us who would prefer not to pay a maximum amount of money to watch the minimal amount of what we’d like to see on television.

  1. We’ll see how well that works.

“Twins have no hope”

If Sid Hartman says the Twins have no hope… well, I expect locusts to descend on Target Field shortly…

My favorite part of the Sid Cast is his rattling off the players who he doesn’t really know. “Ka-silla” for Casilla (Sid probably also says jah-lap-in-o for jalapeño). “That Japanese Guy” (Nishioka) . “Rookie in Center Field” (Revere). “Nothing player in left field” (Repko… and *ouch*). “Cap” (Capps – and I could maybe give Sid a break on that one, maybe that’s the nickname used the clubhouse…although knowing the Twins shouldn’t it be Cappy?)

Sid’s also down on the Wild, but has good things to say about the T-wolves. Maybe Sid is actually taking off the rose colored glasses now that he’s in his 90s… or perhaps it just cataracts.

Best ‘personality’ on KFAN

As mentioned on Tuesday, we were discussing writing a Gambit about our favorite on-air talent at the local sports-talk radio station, KFAN. This is that Gambit.


Hi-Fi, the Big Ticket, Bump… the best KFAN host is Dan Barreiro. None of the other hosts/shows can cover so much ground; talking about sports, politics, and beyond. And he does his show with intelligence, wit, and even some low-brow humor from time to time. He’s been named “Best Sports Talk Radio Host” by City Pages in 2005 and 2006. He’s the only host on KFAN that can pull fans in from the other AM stations in town. The only negative thing I can say about the show is the sidekick, Justin Gaard. Gaardsy brings little to the table besides being a (not-so) smart-ass. Gaard does a fine job of steering Barreiro, but tries to get his own thoughts and opinions in too much. But despite that, I give Barreiro the edge over the Powertrip.

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